It’s no secret that exercise is good for you and that the health benefits of regular physical activity surpass gaining strong muscles. It’s been said that consistently moving one’s body can positively impact one’s mood, improve memory, boost energy, promote more quality sleep and provide people with quality social interaction.

If exercise has such a positive impact, why is it that many people stop exercising or never make it to the gym? The trouble with traditional weightlifting, running and group fitness classes is that people get bored with the routine or the class content doesn’t inspire them. That’s why at Beyond Movement, we offer a variety of fun, exciting and unique gymnastics training classes in Melbourne. Our classes offer a challenging way to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and balance.

We realise that your life is busy and that’s why our adult gymnastic training classes are set up with your schedule in mind. We offer a weekly training plan with gymnastics training in Melbourne that occurs in the mornings and evenings. Our goal is to create a welcoming space so that everyone can find time for an adult gymnastics class.

Some of our upcoming intensive workshops include classes related to overall balance, Front Lever, Hand Balance, Movement and Mobility and adult gymnastics training. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional gym workouts. Whether you’re new to gymnastics or a seasoned athlete, we have a motivational programme for everyone that will get you moving.