Kids & Youth Classes

Let your child discover the joy of moving with our bodyweight classes and parties

Nurturing a love of movement may be the most valuable gift we can give kids and teens. Whether through our bodyweight foundation classes or a high-voltage party, we help your kid discover how capable their body is and how good it feels to master it.

Watch your child grow in confidence as they master a handstand, feel their body strengthen, or push the limits of what they thought possible. You can relax as you know all our classes are safe, inclusive and tailored to your child's ability and stage.

Kids-and Youth Classes Melbourne

Youth Classes (10-14 years)

We teach youth and teens the foundations of bodyweight training and gymnastics to help them discover how good it feels to move. Your child will halt bad habits before they get ingrained – like hunched posture from too much screen time. They will get stronger and fitter in a safe environment. And the creative free-feeling nature of the classes and the thrill of stretching their bodies will give them confidence and joy.


Kids' classes (5-9 years)

Our kids' classes are all about fun. We take the foundations of bodyweight training and apply it to games and play to get your kid active and have fun. Whether through free play or a handstand competition against the wall, kids develop their techniques while discovering a love of moving that will stay with them through life.


Gymnastics parties

Does your kid love nothing more than doing handstands, running wild, or performing exhilarating stunts? Let them celebrate with a buzz!

Our dynamic parties let your kid and their guests burn off their energy and have an ecstatic time in a safe, fun environment. When you book a kids party with us, you'll get the whole facility to yourself with a host for an hour and a half.

We tailor the party to your child’s age and preferences – whether they prefer handstands, ninja games or gravity-defying stunts.