Here at Beyond Movement, we believe that fitness should be fun. We have several options for weight training in Melbourne and at all fitness levels and for any age. If you are looking for a custom-tailored routine, we offer private weight training. If you know which areas you want to focus on or wish to work out with friends, our group weight training might be just what you are seeking.

We take a unique approach to body weight training in our endeavour to help people move better rather than utilising repetitive cycles. Repetition leads to boredom and minimal results since people usually call it quits at the gym if/when they reach this stage. We also want to emphasise creativity and a natural state of being in people’s workouts. By incorporating these elements, you can shift your workouts to focus solely on yourself and your fitness needs.

There is no doubt that weight training offers numerous benefits such as weight loss, building muscle, helping with overall wellness, and in some cases, it can serve as an excellent form of rehabilitation. It can also be very repetitive, and this is where our unique philosophy of freer workouts and self-mastery plays a role. Exercise is every bit as mental as it is physical so having a more natural approach to exercising can vastly improve a person’s results rather than more rigid “standards.” Everyone has different needs and goals, which is the core of our unique weight training in Melbourne.