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Foundation Course

5th June 2020 | 10:30am - 1:30pm

Bodyweight movement is a challenging yet inspiring approach to training. Whether your goal is to have your first free-standing handstand or a muscle up, we have built a foundation course perfect for you and your goals. No matter where you are currently in your fitness journey, we will teach you the current progressions specific to you in which will then be comfortable in your own bodyweight and to understand the movement.

Coming to this workshop will be one step closer to mastering your own bodyweight.

We focus on how to understand your own body and build and strong connection so that functions optimally when trained to move as one complete unit. Our course will give you the tools so you have the power to explore your physical potential through natural bodyweight training. We will help you to redefine your own impossible all whilst creating a fun, enjoyable and challenging environment for your bodyweight training journey.

Although bodyweight training is super challenging remember it is a new fun method to train. As you start to learn new capabilities of your own body, you will be able to manipulate your body into positions you once thought were impossible. The best part is that there is a never an ending goal which will continuously strive you to new levels of success.

During our workshop, we go through the fundamentals of;

  • Vertical pulling/pushing
  • Horizontal pulling/pushing
  • How to prepare the joints prior to training
  • Strength methods
  • How to condition the body
  • How to create a strong and mobile lower body
  • Understanding the difference between straight / bent body position work
  • How to build confidence in your future abilities
  • Progression and regressions for the basics
  • Gymnastic rings apparatus understanding how to use them confident and safely
  • Wall handstand progressions
  • Understanding shoulder health
  • The body positioning

Our Coaches will help point out any deficiencies such as joint or muscle tightness as it plays a huge role in further development, so come with an open mind and understand that deficiencies are found in everyone.

Where: 2/1470 Ferntree Gully Knoxfield 3180
When: 5th June 2020
Time: 10:30 - 1:30

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