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Gymnastics Gym Hughesdale, Melbourne
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We’re not your standard gym

Beyond Movement is a hub for movement and mastery. Within our doors, people from all walks of life gather with one purpose: to enjoy how good it feels to unlock their potential.

Led by Jason Borg, an industry leader in bodyweight training for over five years, we teach calisthenics and gymnastics at the highest industry standard.

You won’t just get stronger and move better. We encourage you to flex your creativity and curiosity – as well as your muscles – to redefine the possible. It’s time to break through your limitations to live a healthier, more expansive life.

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We change people’s lives. In and outside of training.

We help you tap into the most powerful tool at your disposal – your body. Using your own body as resistance against gravity, we guide you toward your personal goals at your own pace.

Our creative, free-feeling workouts are so much fun you almost won’t notice how much your body is changing. But our obsessive focus on technique means you'll get stronger. Healthier. More flexible.

As coaches, we have a passion that’s contagious. Before you know it, you’ll move more freely, grow in confidence, and change your body – and maybe your life.

Move Better

Let’s open up your muscles, joints and tissues so you can get more flexible and supple – while preventing injuries.

Get Stronger

Using your own body as resistance against gravity, you can gain rock-solid core, upper-body and lower-body strength.

Master New Skills

When mobility and strength combine, you can achieve the extraordinary – whether it’s standing on your hands or mastering rings.

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