About Us

It began the way all good stories start. The belief there had to be a better way.

Our founder Jason Borg was a serious weight lifter – but he had questions

Why were injuries so often part of the game? What good were strong muscles if you didn’t have the mobility to move them? Why does your body require time off (AKA rest days) when movement is part of our everyday life?

Bodyweight training was the answer.

Using your own body as resistance against gravity, it helps you get stronger. It prevents injuries, instead of causing them. And it allows you to move freely every day – just like life requires.

Jason threw himself into the practice, mastering techniques and soaking up as much knowledge as possible from some of the world’s top coaches, before opening Beyond Movement, Melbourne’s leading Gymnastics facility.

Come today to discover your potential – and maybe just change your life.

Beyond Movement Gym


Redefine your possible

We help you unlock your potential. Even if you’re only starting, recovering from an injury, or feel like you’re not a sporty person. Our motivation? Watching you redefine the possible as you watch your body transform.

All our coaches are highly skilled at the top level. But most importantly – they’re passionate people who will get you genuinely excited on your journey to reach your potential. Nothing brings us more joy than changing people’s bodies and lives – in and outside of training.

Meet our coaches

Jason Borg

Jason Borg

Health and fitness are important parts of life, and are part of a mindset that I make sure is part of my day every day - even if that means just having an active rest day.

I believe the body requires exercise every day. For a while I used to lift weights at a gym, but then that changed for me and I want to share some info about why I chose to leave that behind. Not that there is anything wrong with lifting weights at the gym or at home, as there are multiple ways to get results in the fitness world.

But I believe it comes down to enjoying something and asking what you want from your exercise. For me, right now, I use a combination of training styles, with calisthenics as the focus.

With calisthenics (body-weight training) you can get all the same results as weight-lifting, become very strong, and build a truly firm foundation, while lowering your risk of injury significantly compared to weight-lifting.

Jacob Sanderson

Jacob Sanderson

Jacob loves and has loved training ever since he got his first at home weights set. Training has changed his life in so many ways and he wants to help everyone experience.

That for themselves as well. Jacob specialises in the sport of Powerlifting and he has been learning and competing Powerlifting since 2016.

Jacob has had to incorporate more movement and mobility into his training to keep his joints healthy and encourage longevity in his lifting career.

His passion for movement is always an ongoing process. Jacob has also been working with kids for several years as a young kids leader, youth leader and recently as a Personal Trainer at Wesley College.

Jacob wants to encourage kids no matter how young they are to be active and encourage good healthy habits they can grow up with and take into their adult lives.

Kate Tham

Kate Tham

Kate Cumbers is a bubbly and energetic coach, who literally lives up to her nickname of Energiser Bunny as she trains five hours a day, seven days a week.

She has travelled the world competing in Martial Arts titles, and at the age of 19, relocated from country WA to pursue her dreams in fitness, she moved to Melbourne with no friends, family or money and lived in a backpackers accommodation while studying her certificate III and IV in fitness.

Kate started training at beyond movement in 2016 in preparation for competing on ninja warrior season 1...little did she know she had discovered a whole new love and addiction to calisthenics bodyweight strength training and even more so handstands and Flexibility!

Training at beyond movement re-sparked her motivation, which changed her physically too! She had found a whole new level of whole body strength and developed more definition in her muscles which is awesome!!

Best of all she found a second family everyone is so friendly, supportive and encouraging towards each other to help each other in achieving their goals! "Beyond Movement is my happy training place"