Adults Gymnastics Classes

Unlock your potential with adult gymnastics in Melbourne

Powerfully build core strength, coordination, and flexibility with our adult gymnastic classes. Unlike other training that can lead to injuries, your body will become more mobile – actually bulletproofing it from injury.

It doesn't matter where you’re starting from. Discover the fun of the free-feeling classes. The awe of watching your body change. And the exhilaration of learning skills you never dreamed possible.


Improve Flexibility

By focusing on muscle conditioning, our mobility classes in Melbourne help you move more freely, prevent injuries, and even turn back the clock on your functional age.

Get Stronger

Lifting Foundations, Lower Body and Bodyweight Strength classes in Melbourne help you build a solid foundation of upper-body, lower-body and core strength.
Ring Classes

Master New Skills

When mobility and strength combine, you’ll be amazed at the feats you can achieve. Learn to defy gravity while improving balance with our Gym Rings and Handstand Classes.

Where to start?

If you’re new to this style of training, we recommend you begin with one of our mobility classes or a foundation class, before progressing to the skills classes.
Chat to your coach for guidance and suggestions.

Flexibility Classes

Bulletproof your body

Shoulder Prehab & Mobility

Prevent + Rehabilitate: that’s the focus of our Shoulder Prehab class. Restore functional movement in the shoulder area. Move better through your entire body.
Skill Based Classes

Foundations & Flexibility

Get back to basics by conditioning your body, opening up your muscles, joints and tissues. As you progress, discover how good it feels to move more freely.
Improve Flexibility

Hip Prehab & Mobility

Life becomes more enjoyable as movement becomes easier. We’ll help you rehabilitate your hips to their full range of movement, and prevent injuries from occurring.

Strength Classes

Build a powerful base
Strength Training Melbourne

Bodyweight Strength

This class takes the foundational movements of pushups, pullups, and dips, then transforms them. Challenge yourself with muscle-ups, flags, levers, and dynamic combos. You’ll be amazed at what your body can achieve.

Lower Body

Build up your hamstrings, quads and glutes through a structured bodyweight training program. We use different loading strategies and progressions to challenge you to go that one step further.

Skills Classes

Learn new tricks

Hand balance

It’s more than just a cool party trick. Learning to do a handstand requires considerable balance, which makes you more agile, lowers your risk of injuries, and even turns back the clock on your functional age.
Strength Training Classes

Gymnastic rings

Get a ripped upper body while building unparalleled strength, stability and coordination. Not just for pro athletes, gymnastic rings offer a creative, fun way to push your body beyond its limits.

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