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Handstand Classes Melbourne

Improve Your Balance With Handstand Classes Melbourne.

When people think of exercising and being balanced, many imagine a tightrope walker hovering over a crowd attempting to make their way across to the other side without falling. At Beyond Movement, we know the value of the body’s ability to retain balance through movement and have created many classes to inspire you to get moving.

Our experience in fitness and mobility training motivated us to create a variety of movement and mobility classes with the goal of training people of all ages how to move, strengthen and have fun all under one roof.

Handstand Classes Melbourne

Handstand Workshops.

We offer a variety of movement programmes such as handstand workshops that are geared to help you establish the strength and endurance necessary for more advanced movements.

In addition to educational handstand classes in Melbourne, we offer training involving cardio, conditioning, and calisthenics, as well as handstand training for all levels of fitness.

Beyond Movement

Work at your own level.

We encourage each student to work at their own level as they safely and slowly train the muscles, joints and connective tissue.

Our natural, guided adaptation training will encourage students to work up to more advanced movements. Also, we offer energetic, enjoyable courses to get you out from your comfort zone.

These training classes include handstand classes in Melbourne as well as a plethora of movement drills for everyone.

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