Handstand Classes Melbourne

Defy gravity with Gymnastics Rings and Handstand Classes in Melbourne

When mobility and strength combine, you can achieve the extraordinary. Our skills classes were engineered for those with a solid base of fitness who are ready to master new skills.

You won’t just feel exhilaration from learning to do a free-standing handstand or mastering the rings. You’ll continue to build functional strength and balance, become more agile, and lower your risk of injuries.

We’ve created a versatile range of balance-focused classes to inspire you. These are not gym classes where you grudgingly put in the hours. It’s a space where you can flex your creativity as well as your muscles to redefine the possible.

Ring Classes

Gymnastics rings and handstand classes, Melbourne

It’s time to put your base strength to good use. Our gymnastic rings and handstand classes take your abilities to the next level. Hone your technique through challenging exercises to get you out of your comfort zone – into the realm of the impossible.


Go at your own pace

We encourage you to work at your level as you safely train your muscles, joints and connective tissue. Our natural adaptation training guides you to work up to more advanced movements when you’re ready. Before long, you’re you’ll defy gravity – and your own limitations