Personal Training

Personalised training to take you or your clients further

Serious about refining your technique, pushing your body further, or learning new skills to take to your own coaching clients? Our one-on-one coaching gives you personalised, hyper-focused attention to take your bodyweight training to the next level.

You’ll discover so much more about your own body as you get stronger, fitter and more flexible.

But the physical is only part of the picture. Our coaches invite curiosity and questions to help transform your thinking and become a stronger person, inside and out.

Strength-Training Classes Melbourne

Private training

With one-on-one training, you can take your bodyweight training to new heights. Unlock your true potential with hyper-focused training tailored to every nook and cranny of your body. You’ll be amazed at how quick and potent the transformation can be. We also encourage curiosity and questions, exploring confining thought patterns and beliefs to redefine your possible. We also offer online tuition, helping people from all over the world achieve incredible results.


Private training for coaches

Whether you want to teach bodyweight training or use the techniques to complement your existing coaching, we’ll help you develop new skills to share with your clients.

We have trained AFL coaches, weight loss coaches, and coaches in commercial gyms. The common thread is an obsessive focus on technique and discovery, helping you unlock the connection to your body and then sharing that with your clients.

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