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Strength Training Melbourne


We believe your body is capable of amazing things. We believe it functions optimally when trained to move as one complete unit.

It’s been said that change is the only constant and when it comes to moving the body, this adage still holds true. At Beyond Movement, we offer a variety of ways to experience unique strength training in Melbourne.

Our strength conditioning classes and group strength training programmes are fun, educational, and encourage the body’s natural movement.

With each exercise, you will enhance flexibility, carefully teach your muscles to move as you wish, and restore the connective tissues and joints to the state of strength that is necessary for endurance and more advanced movements.

Strength Training Melbourne

Our Strength Classes.

Our classes are geared to focus on enhancing the body’s strength and movement capabilities in a safe and supportive environment.

Some of the programmes we provide include strength and conditioning training, and movement and mobility training. Each of our unique programmes is specifically designed to challenge your body and improve flexibility and balance.

Beyond Movement

Professional Instructors.

With our exclusive strength training in Melbourne, students undergo much more than a movement based regimen. We offer experienced coaching to catapult people towards their personal best.

Our trained instructors provide each student with a professional paced progression that allows the body to adapt while muscle awareness and potency increases.

New Movers Trial Pass

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